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What to do at night?

Good evening everyone,

I'm feeling a little bit silly while typing these words in.. it is after 3am here in Germany and I have nothing to do but making a blog post. Omg!
But all of this might have a reason.. this is the very first day of my vacation from college, the semester is finished and there are only a few exams coming up soon. It is like finally being able to breathe again after lots of strain the past weeks. It is so confusing and strange not having your head full of thoughts and check lists based on your college schedule and stuff that need to be done. It is such a feeling of freedom right now! And I'm not able to sleep anymore, it is totally strange. Anyhow! I tip toed over to my desk and got a bit creative. I was so happy to finally have the time to use two of the brand-new Lawn Fawn stamp sets!! They laid untouched next to me for over 2 weeks, so sad!

I used "Party Animal" on my first card. I absolutely adore this set! There are so many tiny stamps to create amazing birthday scenes, my head is full of ideas for next cards.

And the stamp set shown on this card, "So Jelly" might be one of my favorites from Lawn Fawn ever!  It is just SO cute and also beautiful in a special way. There are thousands of possibilities even alone in combination with watercolor! I really want to try to use it more often in the near future. I looooove it!!!

Okay now that I'm done, the tiredness doesn't seem so far anymore. Let's give it the second try. Good night... or should I say: good morning  everybody! Haha. See you tomorrow!

1 Kommentar:

Fiona Dickinson hat gesagt…

I'm happy to hear you've got time to play with your lovely stamps, I hope your exams go well. I think you've made two lovely cards especially the jellyfish one😌 Enjoy your vacation.