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Back to School?!

Hey everyone!

Ufff, what a long time it has been since I participated.. I think it was a whole month :) wow, time has flown by so fast. So here is my project for the current Lawnscaping Challenge "Back to School"!

Oh how I wished to be back at school! It was such a good time, from times to times I miss it so hard.. but that's life! Don't tell my little brothers, they hate me for saying this ALL the time! Now I know how it was when the "elder" always told me how they wished the good old times at school back.. haha, I'M SO OLD.. Omg, kind of scary!
Anyways, my lil' ones aren't that little anymore being in 7th and 8th grade. So they might feel embarrassed by some happy-back-at-school treats, let's talk again in 3 years! So I decided to prepare myself a bit for my (hopefully) future job as a preschool teacher. 
After a really long time, I take out the treat bag die again and made some candy treat bags. And dear! It was pretty hard to find suitable stamps for them! But it worked. Somehow.

I used "Sally's ABCs" and "Quinn's 123s" with the Lawn Fawndamentals Inks "mermaid" and "wild rose" for my treat bag background and the monsters from "Monster Mash" on the top of it.


Samantha Mann hat gesagt…

SO cute!! these back to school treat bags are ADORABLE!! i LOVE those little monsters!! and those cute little chalkboards you made are perfect! LOVE this! thank you SO much for playing along with the Lawnscaping Challenge! :D

Taunya Butler hat gesagt…

So, so awesome and cooler than cool!!! Love how cute these turned out and what a totally sweet idea to make these!!!