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Surprise birthday party!

Hello everyone! 

What about a surprise birthday party with some colorful unicorns?! :)

I simply stamped and masked off four unicorns on my card basis, placed a sheet of vellum on top of it (you'll get a blurry effect, so that the pink unicorn is more like the focal point) and placed my little banner above the funny pink unicorn in front of the card. When you add an action wobble behind him, it's much more fun! :)

Oh how I love these adorable unicorns! They're so fun!

Have a great day!

Neenah - Solar White Paper 110lb (cardbasis)
Gerda Steiner Designs - Unicorns
Coloration - Copic Marker

1 Kommentar:

Ishani Gupta hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday friend . hope your live long in life and enjoy a healthy and fruit full life.